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Game Thread: Iowa @ Northwestern.

First of all, I'd like to apologize to y'all, the readers, because I've been way down on my posting. I didn't even put up the previews I normally do this week, and it's sorta messed up - I prided myself on posting every day over the long, boring summer with no relevant NU sports news. It ain't gon happen again, though - I got about ten posts lined up for next week, so enjoy them.

That being said, Iowa. Winning this game would be bonkers, and our history with the Hawkeyes/performance in three quarters last week/Iowa's freaky, freaky tendency of winning every damn game in ways that no human could possibly comprehend bodes well for this being at the damn least an exciting game.

Now, I don't expect the dub, but I got faith. And here's to you guys having faith and stopping by in the comments section.

Go Cats, yo.