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Push On.

Way back in August, when my blog was a fledgling little blogspot account with nothing more than a few really long posts about the junior world football championships, and Lake the Posts linked to me for the first time, he wondered whether or not I would be able to keep posting during finals week. (And this guy I know said I was "tha man" in the comments of his post.)

Well, here we are. It's finals week, and while I've pumped out extensive posts in the last few days mainly for procrastinatory purposes, I'm out of things to write for now. 

But as the secondary fight song no student knows all the lyrics to states (last time I said this, somebody posted a link to the lyrics - I still have no intentions of becoming the third/fourth person in the student section to know this song outside of "Go Cats!") I intend to push on and post something. 

So, folks, here is an assemblage of videos from Sudanese-born rapper Bangs, who is tearing up the charts with his semi-coherent classic "Take U to da Movies." 

Someday, probably in the heart of the offseason, I plan on writing a 10-15 page essay on everything that is absurdly strange and hilarious about this video. For now, merely enjoy the fact that it's a video of someone who may or may not know that rapping contains "rhyming" in front of a green screen with pictures of money, Sudan, and a forest, often with three or four of him simultaneously on screen. And that one of the things he thinks about mentioning in a song about going to the movies is "Be careful, don't fall," like falling is a major issue that confronts the average movie-going couple on their trip to the movies, and therefore merits getting mentioned in the song. Don't get me started. Recapping this song line-for-line would take weeks. 

"My Life is Hard" is possibly the funniest song I've ever heard. As Bangs says, if you need more information, think about it. 

Possibly Bangs' most enduring addition to the cultural oeuvre, Bangs asks the listener if they "will be his special girl, because I'll see you in a bit." It also features the most awkward usage of Bangs' already disturbing Jadakiss laugh, which you're probably most familiar with due to Mo Greene's infatuation with the Jadakiss laugh in his "Go U NU Remix".

"My Hotel", a soon-to-be-classic banger off his new album "Hard to Be Up", Bangs learns how to rhyme "hotel" and "sleep well", and shows his (presumably female) hotel guest where the bathroom is.


So there it is. Bangs' new album released December 4th, unfortunately for the rest of the world, it appears to only be available for sale at a single record store in Bangs' current home town of Melbourne, Australia. But alas, his songs and videos are still busy amassing views on Youtube, so not all is lost. 


Come back tomorrow, when I once again will probably have nothing to say about Northwestern sports.