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Friday Sips

Because I hate giving all the people coming over from EDSBS something interesting to read, here's a boring links post. 


  • You know who else thought breaking down the Outback Bowl unit by unit was a good idea? Track em Tigers
  • As you might have noticed, it's December of 2009, which means errbody's waxing poetic about the past decade. Paul Banks from The Sports Bank ran down the top ten players of the decade in football and an all-decade basketball team, while jhodges has the all-decade offensive and defensive units. If we win the Outback bowl, I think Mike Kafka automatically earns his spot as all-decade 2010's, despite only having played one day of that decade.
  • Somehow, I haven't been aware of an NU basketball blog called Carmody Court. To sum up my intial reaction, I'm impressed. Any blog that updates for every Northwestern basketball game would automatically earn my respect, but CC does that and more, analyzing every game in depth and providing random trivia about the cupcake opponents that we play every week, which is EXACTLY what I'd do if I could. 
  • A lot of you are probably wondering how intense Pat Fitzgerald is right now, since the intense-o-meter hasn't been updated since the Wisconsin game. Well, the answer is: very intense. Every year, coach Fitz says the goal is to win a bowl game, so he's really fired up, registering a season-high 9.4 out of 10 on the intensity tracker. Now, a 9.4 for a regular person is pretty intense, but for Fitz, it's overwhelmingly terrifying. Symptoms of being 9.4 out of 10 on the Fitz intense-o-meter include the temporary ability to spit actual lava.
  • I talked a little bit about how being in the Big Ten is a financial boon. Well, consider that according to this, Northwestern is 59th in the nation in revenue drawn from our football program. I don't feel like looking up how bad our attendance is, but it's worse than 59th. (update: this link appears to be dead. trust me on this?)
  • Some Auburn fan rigged up their house to do this. But they forgot the menorah!