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Six Days.

Way back, around the same time I had the red and black lumberjack with the hat to match, on my tiny little blogspot account, I wrote this post, containing these words:

However, the season starts in four days, and we don't have a song yet. I nominate Mo Greene to write one, but, if he doesn't step up, I might just have to. And I think it's in the best interests of everybody around us that that doesn't happen, because although I'm undeniably nice with it, there's a reason I'm a rap nerd and not a rapper, because I'm better at writing about rap, than I am at rapping it, and as you can see, I'm pretty bad at writing about it. But if I have to step into the studio to save NU's season, I might have to take that chance. I'm not afraid, but you should be.

You guys are lucky: despite this bold claim, I never stepped up to the plate and dropped any rhymes. (Although if anybody calls me out, I consider myself to be adept on the mic, mainly because I listen to enough Young Dro that I have random cool sounding lines in the back of my head and therefore don't know that anything I say is plagiarizing and the music I listen to is obscure enough that nobody figures it out.) And also, we're extra lucky, because as Spread Far the Fame noticed, Mo dropped his Outback Bowl remix of his "Go U NU" remix. 

In all honesty, Mo is definitely nice with it. I was probably a little bit overenthusiastic on Mo's spitting ability when I compared last year's Alamo Bowl remix to GZA's "Fame", but, well, he can spit. This song isn't of the same scale as that epic - I mean, he name dropped 39 players on that song by my count - but it's still required listening. This time, Mo focuses a lot less on randomly inserting NU's player's names and more on punchline rap - well done on the B2K reference - and it makes me moderately depressed that someone who has a decent amount of good lines appears to have little going on musically outside of entertaining the NU sports fan circuit with various cornerback-referencing rhymes, because he's definitely got more going on lyrically than most of the people featured on this list.

But, uh, Mo, chill out with the Jadakiss laugh. It's scary and not a noise actual people make.