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Four Days.

A different youtube video every day until the Outback Bowl, just to keep you sufficiently pumped.

Hope y'all enjoyed your holiday weekends. If you didn't, well, I got four minutes of highlights set to dramatic music for ya.

Note to the next person to make a dramatic highlight video of post-dark ages Northwestern football: if you're going to have a big play coincide with the the exact moment the drums kick in, make it be the one from the Notre Dame game where David Beazley takes out Notre Dame's drumset, capisce? Seems pretty common sense to me. 


ANYWAYS. If you like posts, this is your week. First off, and of secondary importance, but still tremendously important: basketball. Loretta provided two sweet posts over the weekend, wondering about how NU will handle the Big Ten conference slate and examining NU's RPI, or lack thereof. The Big Ten season starts Wednesday at Illinois. We got that covered here.

And of course, football: with four days, as noted up there in that post title, until the Outback Bowl, or as I call it, Northwestern Tries to Win a Bowl Game, Part 62: Potential Futility-Ending Boogaloo, Sippin' On Purple's coverage is kicking into high gear. I got a host of posts planned between now and Friday, so, keep reading. Personally, I used up some of my Jetblue rewards points and will be flying into the Tampa area later this week and will try to bring you as much on-site posting as possible, depending on whether or not whatever forsaken place my friend booked a two-person hotel room for six or seven people in has internet access. (If not, I'll find a way to get something up here.) If you can't make it to Tampa, there will be a game thread up here bright and early on New Years' Day, so please, stop by. 

This is big, people. So let's do this. Go Cats.

Stick around, because I got two more posts comin today.