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Two Days.

A different youtube video every day until the Outback Bowl, just to keep you sufficiently pumped.

I probably started my getting pumped video series a day too early. The best I have for you is this lady playing "Go U Northwestern" on the ukelele, which, if you're anything like me, wasn't very helfpul. I feel a little bit drowsy, confused, and awkward, which is the exact opposite of pumped. . My sincere apologies. 


Anyways, two days, I can feel it. Tonight, Northwestern plays their first game as a ranked basketball team since 1969, so I'll leave today for Loretta after a links post. Tomorrow, I'm going off though, I have approximately 4.5 posts ready, and then, Friday, well, Friday is game day. 

If you're in Tampa already, well, I hate you.