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One. More. Day.

A different youtube video every day until the Outback Bowl, just to keep you sufficiently pumped.

And with it, the granddaddy of all getting pumped videos: a ten minute highlight of NU's season.

I got up bright and early at 5 A.M. to head to a cab to head to an airport to head to Tampa. Now I'm chillin in Jetblue's JFK terminal, (which, as previously noted ion this site, is the greatest place in the world. I would describe it as magical, but, a more accurate term would be relatively nice. Although I wouldn't be surprised if a unicorn or centaur popped out from behind a food counter to serve me one of the delicious philly cheesesteaks I ordered off a touch screen.) Point being, it's too early. Far too early, and I'm thinking about my friend's New Years' Party at his apartment I told him I couldn't go to because I'm going to Florida to see a football game. But it's worth it. It doesn't really feel like New Years' Eve, because while normally everything builds up to New Years' Eve, this year, it's all building up to New Years' Day.

It's been a long wait, and I'm ready. 


More posts coming up later. They're all futureposted, just in case wherever I end up in a few hours doesn't have internet access. 

So, have a happy New Years', but no matter how good a night you have, be up at 11, 10 central tomorrow, and if you're in Tampa, come say hi. I'm the guy wearing purple.