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Today's the day before the day.

So, we got a bit over 24 hours until we get the final word on where we're going this post-holiday season, and today's a good ol' day of teams fighting for their post-season lives.

College football is a wonderful thing. Any given day, underdogs can rise up and beat the giants of the world. Appalachian State can make their team name a national talking point, Stanford can inexplicably own USC year after year.

But, there are some days that your sports fan allegiances take priority over every human being's vague feeling of support for teams that are supposed to lose. Today, friends, is one of those days.

So underdogs: lose. Lose badly. Nebraska, I hope you lose with the fire of a thousand suns. Clemson, I hope that large swaths of your team forget how to play football simultaneously, resulting in frequent, comical, and violent accidents and Georgia Tech highlight reels.

Of course, all this falls by the wayside for our friends, the Hawaii Warriors. Normally I'm tempted to root against the Rainbow Warriors, because their fans get to live in an absurdly beautiful lush tropical paradise, so can't they at least have a bad football team? I mean, read this post and try not to cry, because when the wintry Lake Michigan breeze whips those tears off your face, you'll be even colder than you were before. 

But for today, Hawaiians, unite. We need you. Whip up some pre-game mai tais for John Clay or something, do anything. Just come away with the w. May whoever you have selected to replace Timmy Chang and Colt Brennan, be, like, as good as they were..