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Game Thread: Minnesota @ Northwestern


First things first: you shouldn't be reading this right now. You should be either at Ryan Field, going to Ryan Field, or getting ready to go to Ryan Field. Not using the internet. Nerd.

Secondly: congratulations to Shady Salamon, winner of this week's name of the week poll, dominating my pick, Logan U'u. Salamon had 25 of 57 votes, and, to boot, has overcome a lot in his life. That article makes me feel bad for saying his name reminds me of that of a 1850's wild west brothel owner. But seriously: Shady has been through a lot, and seems like an impressive dude. Hats off to Shady.

So, yeah, game thread. Thanks a lot to everybody who has commented in the first two game threads over on my blogspot account, where it was really difficult to do so, and please, if you're not at the game, I implore you punks to comment along. I mentioned this, but, the comments actually appear on the page as soon as whoever is typing hits enter, so it's basically a chat room during the game. I will be at the game, but I gots me an iPhone, so I'll try and comment along.

So comment. If you don't, I'll hunt you down. (Another downside of joining the SBNation network is that I'm now contractually obligated to hunt you down if you don't comment, which is actually quite a hassle.)