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Outback Bowl Game Thread: Northwestern vs. Auburn.

Do I really need to write anything? Really?

Northwestern hasn't played since mid-November. We haven't won a bowl since 1949. I don't feel like I've slept since about the year before.

But if you're an NU fan, and you're not pulling a 3.0 on the Pat Fitzgerald intense-o-meter (translates to a 14.3 on the regular human intense-o-meter) you shouldn't be here. It's New Years' and it's 10 AM Central. Go back to sleep, enjoy your long weekend or something. Eat a sandwich. I don't know.

But if you are an NU fan, well, there's two places for you to be:

a) Raymond James Stadium. I hear we sold out our bowl allotment, so here's to swimming in a sea of purple

b) this game thread. In an ideal world, this game thread would get no comments, but I understand not all of y'all can make it, and wish that I'd been reading a game thread during last year's Alamo Bowl instead of wallowing in my own despair.

So comment along. I'll be checking in via my iPhone, and hopefully, we have a pretty good crowd, so, stop by and say something.

P.S. Let's do this.

Go Cats, yo.