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Okay, okay, it's 9 AM Eastern Standard Time, 8 central, and I have no idea where I am when this post is being published. I probably went to sleep very late last night, and got up too early this morning, but hopefully not this early. All I know as I write this is that I'm future posting it to appear on the site Wednesday night before I went to bed. Hopefully, when it gets posted, I'm either sleeping or in the Raymond James Stadium parking lot. Hopefully not both.


But it's time for us to get collectively pumped. I personally am a hip-hop fan, but I understand that there are different strokes for different folks, so, here's some jams to pump between now and 11/10 Central. Consider it the musical form of kegs and eggs.

For my fellow hip-hop fans:

for fans of soul music for Northwestern sports fans that has a symbolic meaning at this moment in time

(is it tasteless to shamelessly repurpose symbolism from the civil rights movement for Northwestern sports? Hope not, here's some more, less mellow and funkier repurposed symbolism)

No i couldn't find the long version!

for fans of not soul, but mellow symbolism-drenched folk-rock that a lot of soul singers covered that makes me weep 40 percent of the time I hear it

for fans of classical


for fans of classical that are also fans of hip-hop

(what, you think I don't notice when Just Blaze samples Hector Berlioz's Symphonie Fantastique? YA DEAD WRONG.

fans of heavy metal:

fans of lil jon yelling over heavy metal:

fans of bangs:

fans of northwestern sports:

fans of greatness and victory as performed by Kanye West, Nas, and some dude named Really Doe, that I recommend you listen to like 73 times between now and gametime, except it's 7 minutes long.


So, I apologize for shamelessly sidetracking everything to just randomly post music I like two hours before the most important event of the season. But, to those who didn't like this, I have this to say: quit acting like we local. Come on, homie, we major. 

Go Cats. Game thread coming up later.