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Thursday Sips

That was a pretty good three day posting hiatus, wasn't it? I did it because I hate each and every last one of you.


  • Sick post yesterday from Football Outsiders. First off: there are 39 kickers worse than Stefan Demos in the country, according to statistics/expected values. There is math involved. That means its correct.(Be glad you don't go to Virginia). But more interesting is the fact that NU gives up the fifth longest average touchdown drives, an average of 72.9 yards per touchdown. That makes sense when you think about what you've seen from NU - when a team gets driving against us, they start getting a lot of plays, a lot of yardage, and we seemingly can't do much to stop. Two interesting, telling stats. And disturbing ones.
  • I realized today I didn't do a recap of the Purdue game. Anybody mind? Guess what, I don't care.
  • Big things poppin in the NFL: Sherrick McManis had a pick - first career pick! - against Eli Manning, the quarterback of the second-best team in the New York metropolitan area, and Corey Wootton played and had a tackle - first career tackle! - for the Bears. Still waitin on Kafka.
  • A few weeks ago I wrote a Daily column about Bros Like This Site, and I missed the fact that the guy who writes that site tweeted about it. As a religious reader, I am honored that the person who introduced me to the phrase "slampiece" felt the need to tweet about it. 
  • You can add any Northwestern student, grad student, or faculty member to an IM roster. Anybody with a NetID. So I had a brilliant idea: I looked up Patrick William Fitzgerald II's NetID and got all pumped to add him to my IM football team's roster. And then, tragedy struck: turns out somebody beat me to it. I'm not going to say that it was the first team that was my first guess turned out to be the actual answer, but, the first team that was my first guess turned out to be the actual answer. Lucky guess.