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This isn't really a recap

I just need to post a few things about Saturday's game so I can be considered a real Northwestern blogger.

  • First off, sorry for predicting Michigan State would win 35-24 when we ended up losing 35-27. My bad, shoulda seen that Stefan would hit that field goal.
  • I thought I was the only one who was expecting a fake because I was yelling "HOLY CRAP ITS A FAKE! IT'S A FAKE!!!!! IT'S A FAAAAAAAAAAAKE" up to and direclty preceding the fake punt. Turns out, according to the comments on my site, everybody else ever in the world saw the fake coming. Mistakes happen, and sometimes they prevent you from beating the No. 7 team in the country on a day so many things went right. I just wish they happened in ways that didn't make me feel smart. Better luck next time, Jordan Mabin.
  • It's weird to hate on Dan Persa's performance, because all things considered, he had a good game, but it was by far his worst so far as a starting quarterback at NU. He didn't connect on most of his deep attempts throughout the day - he had a few guys open on deep routes and just missed them. Bummer.
  • That being said, I said before the game that for NU to have a chance, they'd have to have the best rushing performance of the season, and, well, they basically did. Mike Trumpy (10 carries for 50 yards) and Adonis Smith (10 carries for 44 yards) are, like, dependable running backs. Smith especially had a coming out party. I trust these two guys better than anything we've seen out of NU backs since Tyrell Sutton graduated.
  • That being said, JACOB SCHMIDT, I'd like my four points back. I knew Jacob Schmidt had a case of fumbleitis earlier in the year when he fumbled three times in two weeks. I knew that. I know that one thing that makes coach Fitz absolutely want to murder humans was fumbles. I assumed that knowing these two things, Schmidt's consistent role as the starting running back - combined with his seemingly inferior speed to other players - meant he'd conquered his fumbling woes. His goal line fumble ended up being the difference between a win against the No. 7 team in the nation and what happened, which was MSU being up by one with almost no time left and scoring when they were attempting to just run out the clock. Sighs. I expect Schmidt to be banished to the Arby Fields Living Memorial Doghouse for Guys Who Were Starting Running Backs At One Point in the 2010 Season.
  • FRESHMAAAAAAAANNNNN! I really liked what we saw from Smith, Rashad Lawrence, and Venric Mark. Glad their shirts are burned. I love being ambivalent on these things.
  • Eight sacks. Yeesh.
  • See, I told you not to hate Stefan Demos! Enjoy next week's edition of hating Stefan Demos.
  • Ball to the defense for, shortly after I criticized how they couldn't stop a variety of my grandparents if they were opposing running backs for gains of less than six yards, they held a top-notch running attack to 126 yards on 4.0 yards per carry, including only 17 yards for Le'Veon Bell. Damn. NU forced the Spartans to beat them through the air, and, dammit, it almost worked.
  • Also, ball to Michigan State's running back for scoring a touchdown with under 2:00 left to give NU a final shot at tying the game when he could have easily just fallen down
  • I, Rodger Sherman, do not condone or support the underage consumption of alcohol. (clears throat) That being said, I think every NU undergrad should be contractually obligated to consume between one and two of these every Saturday:
  • Wildcat_medium 
  • That, sirs, is something called Wildcat Malt Liquor, purveyed in 40 ounce bottles with wide-capped mouths, and it is pictured on top of some jeans that you can clearly tell do not resemble my jeans and above a mini amp that you can clearly tell does not resemble my mini amp, because, uh, plausible deniability, yo. I'm not fully sure who makes it or where it comes from, but an of age friend tells me it costs $2.39 at the D&D's on Noyes, so, I'll be placing an order for - how many does Ryan Field seat? - 48,000 for the Saturday after next.
  • Complete side note, since it's happening more and more frequently, including a few times at the game: if you read this site - and you are right now, mind blowin, right? - and you meet me, tell a brother, because it makes my day. However, I will only give you a shout-out if you ask for one, like Dave Melnick did.
  • I'm also supposed to link to this trip sponsored by Wildside for those of y'all interested in going to Indiana but haven't posted about it until now, but, uh, GO TO INDIANA! I would if I wasn't involved in throwing a Halloween party that night. You're all invited. (Side note: you're not all invited. Sorry.)