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Being Ranked, Sorta, and other Monday Sips

Let's look at the internets. 

  • HEYOOOOO! TOP 25!... in the coaches poll. It's almost more embarrassing to be ranked in the coaches poll than not at all, because those dudes clearly just hand off their polling duty to whoever their 18th in command is and have them do it. Either way, we're ranked! If you're like me, you barely had to look up the fact that we were last ranked in the coaches poll in the run-up to the Alamo Bowl. Sadly, we still have quite a climb to go to get above No. 25: note that we have 67 votes and Florida State has 164 at No. 24. Still, we're ranked! 
  • We're No. 30 in the AP poll, and, for the first time, more than one person voted us in, with people voting NU up to No. 21. Of note, Craig James has us at No. 23, but he's basically insane. In disturbingly odd news, the guy who voted NU into the poll weeks 3-5, Pete DiPrimio, left NU out of his ballot after our 29-28 win. Mr. DiPrimio, 'tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. 
  • Mike Kafka is literally a hit away from being an NFL starting quarterback. That is weird. 
  • So, am I the only person dumb enough not to realize until just now that Northwestern's Big Ten football schedule was in the same order as last years? Is there a reason for that? Are the people at the Big XI just big fans of continuity?
  • Nickname I came up with Saturday but forgot to mention in the recap post: Effin' Stefan Demos. It rhymes, baby. It can be used for when he misses kicks - EFFIN STEFAN DEMOS - or when he makes them - Effin Stefan Demos! - depending on the context. Anyway, here's to Effin' Stefan completing the season in style.
  • I am very confused, although not fully disappointed, by the idea to pair a Snoop Dogg and Kid Cudi concert in one venue with a Northwestern basketball clinic in another venue. First off, anybody who actually goes to the basketball thing is crazy. I'm not going to a basketball practice directly before a concert featuring Snoop Dogg and Kid Cudi. That takes time to prepare for. Secondly, it's just a hilarious combo of two things which should never ever be together: a really clean-cut basketball team, one guy who is famous for smoking a lot of weed, and then another guy, who, by all accounts, smokes even more weed than that guy and isn't really famous for doing anything in particular. Absurd.