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There are no rap lyrics about Purdue

I looked. I looked far and wide. I scoured every rap lyrics database I could. Just searching for something. Something about Purdue. Something about Perdue chicken. (I could've sworn Wayne said something once.) Something about boilers. (Lots of stuff about boiling. Little about boilers.)

I hate to mess with tradition, but, there are no rap lyrics about Purdue. I have nothing to post about.


jump jump jump jump it up!

When we got the ball: I don't care who our supposed running back is. Purdue has a crappy pass defense, and we have a not-crappy Dan Persa. I don't care if he threw a pick last week, he's still a man amongst boys and large mammal amongst small mammals. Our best option is Dan Persa passing the ball, and our best running option is Dan Persa running the option or Dan Persa scrambling. Dan Persa Dan Persa Dan Persa. Dan Persa. DAN PERSA.

Semi-under-the-radar player to watch: Al Netter. It's going to be his job to stop literally Purdue's only good defensive player, and he's like really really great. If he can withhold Kerrigan and keep him from a) sacking Persa and b) containing him to the outside, that would be pretty neat.

When they got the ball: Rob Henry's apparently a running quarterback. He's also, like, a backup starting for the first time missing the team's two best receivers and best running back. Fear not. Hopefully NU's defense steps up a bit from last week when Minnesota ran rampant, because Purdue's best chance will be to run the ball and last week NU appeared not to have an answer for that.

Semi-under-the-radar player to watch: Corbin Bryant. Jack DiNardo has been a surprisingly good addition to NU's defense at the defensive tackle spot. Bryant has just kind of existed. If NU can completely dead Purdue's rush game - likely, they don't appear to focus on it much - they'll be forced to have Rob Henry win the game for them with his arm. In case you haven't noticed, tomorrow will be his first game. That run-stopping will have to start up front. It didn't last week - we'll see if Bryant can continue to be the player he has been for the past few years.

Spread: NU - 10. I hate being favored, bro. But this seems about right.

My pick vs. the spread: Northwestern. Note that nobody on Purdue has anterior collateral ligaments.

My pick in April and jokey five-word summary: NU. I wrote "smelling roses" because I predicted NU would lose week 8 to Purdue. Sorry.

and my pick today...

Northwestern, 20, Purdue, 7. NU shouldn't allow a touchdown, but they will. As for our offense, Purdue might be really really bad, but NU won't make this a blowout - but it should be a comfortable victory. For the sixth straight week, NU will be the better team and should win. I really enjoy saying that.

I'm so excited for a night game at Ryan Field. So, so, so, so, so excited. Well, really I'm excited for the six and a half hours beforehand, but, the game should be great too.