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Purdue, 20, Northwestern, 17

I always forget that the only thing that makes me mad is sports. I don't know why, I don't know how, it just does.

Here's your place to vent. But, remember, if you want me to not ban you from being a commenter on my site, be kind to Stefan Demos.

Yes, he's a crappy kicker. A really crappy kicker. I know.

But a) it's not all his fault. It's not his fault a kick that could've given NU a touchdown lead got blocked, it's not his fault NU's defense can't stop a zone read and is more bendable than a rubber band, it's not his fault there was a hold on a play where NU could've gotten into real field goal range. It's not his fault NU was in a position we needed him to make two very difficult field goals, and that he missed one, because it was very difficult.

And b) I was just in the student section. Yes, he's a crappy kicker, but, yo: he's a college football player. Let him be. Don't crap on his life because he missed a kick.

Carry on.