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The Sippin' on Purple ESPN College GameDay Sign Project

They were out of photos of people that weren't Erin Andrews. Oh, by the way, no Erin Andrews jokes.
They were out of photos of people that weren't Erin Andrews. Oh, by the way, no Erin Andrews jokes.

So, I've been waiting pretty much my whole life (read: since I got to college) for College GameDay to come to Northwestern.

Saturday, I, well, sorta get my wish when the GameDay truck rolls into Wrigleyville for NU's showdown with Illinois. I don't care how. I don't care that I - still - don't have tickets. (and might never - I really might just chill out in the area outside the stadium with all the TV's and the cool stuff and whatnot.) I just know that I'm going. And that I'm making a sign.


One side of the sign - and this is not negotiable - will read "Evan Watkins is a Bro King" and have a picture of Evan Watkins wearing the crown which is given to bro kings. Note: this is not negotiable.

However, there are two sides to signs. That is a key component of signs. This site has built up a pretty sick community, so, of course, the other side of the sign will be decided by the people. This is also non-negotiable.

So here's how this will work: this will be your nominations thread. Any idea, concept, picture, or whatever can go in this thread. Designs are appreciated. (Go to work, you photoshop fiends.) Some ideas have already been dibs'ed - for example, NUHighlights' "95 % graduation rate, 100% ownage of Iowa" - so don't put those. Others go here.

Thursday, I'll put all the suggestions - or maybe just the top 10 or so if we get a lot - up to a vote via poll. Friday, I'll make the damn sign. Saturday, I'll be standing in Wrigleyville with the sign. If you wanna come find me, feel free.


If you have an idea for a sign you want to make, feel free to share it without fear of being taken. I'm a lot of things, but I'm not a joke-stealer.

Not sure what GameDay's policy on signs with profanity/dirty jokes are - I know puns are okay, but I assume blatant porno wouldn't go through - so I won't make a sign with it. That said, feel free to make jokes in the comments.

First person to make a funny piece of sexual innuendo will likely win. That being said, don't force it. That's what she said. You see, something along these lines.

Jokes from this site are highly appreciated.

That's it. Go to work. I'll buy markers and posterboard, asap. Let's do this.

May the best joke win.