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Sippin' on Purple Gameday Sign Project, THE RECKONING


Thanks to everybody who done bounced ideas off of me in the past week towards making the Sippin' on Purple official sign.

I took my ten faves, and we're going to put them to a vote. Whichever one has the most votes by tomorrow at noon will be the one I put on one half of my sign. (I'll also put a Sippin' on Purple logo on there.) If you wanna say hey to me at the game, I'll have a big-ass sign. Come holler.

I'm probably not going to get on TV, because I'm not committed enough to be someplace at 3:30 AM. But I want a sign. And I want to watch GameDay being filmed. And I want to see Erin Andrews, and watch Lee Corso put on a mask.

Also, for those of you wondering - and there were a lot - I have tickets to the game! I am so grateful and highly disturbed by the amount of people who offered me various deals and stuff for tickets - thanks so much. I hate all of you, so, this whole "you guys being nice to me" thing is weird and awkward.

Now on to the ideas! (They're all after the jump, along with why you should vote for them.)

(And yes, they're mainly Evan Watkins themed) (and the other side of my sign will say "WATKINS FLOCKA FLAME" and you can't stop me

  1. "The Watkinsurgency is here". Classic. Site-oriented. Watkins. I'd call this the favorite, knowing my voting populace.
  2. "Yes we Evan" Barack Obama is Evan Watkins. I'll use the Eff Yeah Evan Watkins moustache pic. But that goes without saying. Thanks to NUFTW for this one.
  3. Old Spice Evan Watkins: I'm not sure where I'll go with this. I already have a good usable image of the Old Spice guy because he's on our rush shirts this year. The suggestion was just a picture of him and the words "based on the life of Evan Watkins" - thanks to Andrew Patzke in the comments.
  4. Lee Corso: Picking the Cubs since 1908. I don't want to hate on other college football teams. The Cubs, however, that's doable. Also, Lee Corso. Tool. Thanks to thedeadpoint in the comments.
  5. Prepare for Artificial WatkInsemination: A picture of Evan Watkins holding a turkey baster. I came up with this and am super proud.
  6. Fitzadam_medium Nuf said.
  7. Beating Illinois: Elementary, Watkins. Clever. Not particularly dick jokey, but I like it. To be honest, the only reason this isn't the clubhouse favorite is because I'm trying to avoid nerdy humor with my gameday sign.
  8. Hey, Corso, show us your Willie!: I really like this one. Because it's penis-related. Pause. But, you get the point. I want to see Lee Corso show us Willie the Wildcat.
  9. Using Wrigley past October so the Cubs don't have to: LOLCUBS. Not a perfect sign, because there's no logical reason the Cubs would want to play in late November unless the World Series keeps getting a week longer every year.
  10. Fitz intensity meter: 9.3. Symptoms include unstoppable brain fires.

So that's that, vote or die.Tell me who you like in the comments and why.

Also, sounds like a lot of people want to meet other people from Sippin' on Purple. Contrary to what the bouncers at the Keg of Evanston have been led to believe, I am only 20 years old, so, I can't bar-hop with you guys in Wrigleyville, but, suggestions?