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Before I put my suit on. Which will have to be soon.

Also, I need a printer to do these Gameday signs, which is hella disappointing. They suck pretty hard right now.

Soooooo pumped for tomorrow. If you're there, find me! I'll have a sign! Unless you're a serial killer. Then don't. Jump it up.

When we got the ball: Who knows what we get out of Evan Watkins, but I still think giving him the ball the majority of the time is the best call for Northwestern. We don't have an effective running game, so switching QB's to someone who could be potentially less effective doesn't mean that subbing in the run game for Dan Persa's offense is a good call. What I'm saying is, Evan Watkins won't be Dan Persa, but Mike Trumpy will be Mike Trumpy, Adonis Smith will be Adonis Smith, and Arby Fields will be Arby Fields. Don't be afraid to put the ball in Watkins' hands.

Semi-under-the-radar player to watch: Sidney Stewart: Evan Watkins isn't much of a pinpoint perfect short passer - he'll be trying to air it out. I'm picking Stewart to haul in his first touchdown of the season tomorrow on a deep route, mainly because regardless of what ridiculous prediction I make here nobody will think I'm stupid because I go out of my way to point out it will probably be wrong.

When they got the ball: Stop Mikel Leshoure at all costs. Well, not all costs, don't let Nathan Scheelhaase destroy you, but the thing is, I'm much more confident with NU's defense against the pass than I am with their defense against the run: look at how much less efficient Ricky Stanzi was last week than Adam Robinson.

Semi-under the radar player to watch: Brian Arnfelt. He's got the OR start at defensive tackle, even though, at least in my eyes, Jack DiNardo has been one of the more productive players stopping the run up front. Must be doing something good.

Spread: NU +5. Not a good sign for Corso putting on the Willie hat.

My pick vs. the spread: Northwestern. Spoiler: I think Northwestern will win this game.

My pick five months ago and my five-word jokey summary: NU, and "Monopoly piece!" Because that's what I call the Land of Lincoln Trophy.

and my pick today...

Northwestern, 34, Illinois, 17. I have innumerable amounts of faith in Evan Watkins and believe he will lead Northwestern and a variety of other teams forever and ever to victory forever and that NU will dominate. We only need one end zone.

I wrote this post in 11 minutes! Sick bro!