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Happy Thanksgiving, from Sippin' on Purple

Sorry I ain't posted for a few days - I had a final project due Tuesday and still haven't caught up on sleep yet. But I have two things I wanted to point out: (And yes, I know this post concept is played out.)


First off, I'm thankful that I'm a junior in college at Northwestern University, and, for the third consecutive season, the football and basketball teams that represent my school might finish above .500. The football team already locked their winning season up, and the basketball team isn't assured a .500 finish, but it's likely, ain't it? That's pretty ridiculous. I'm also thankful that I'm a junior in college at Northwestern University and the people who run the school accepted me and continue to allow me to attend, despite my continued attempts to give them reasons otherwise.

Secondly, I'm thankful for all y'all. Last Monday, I said on my site that I didn't have a ticket to the Wrigley game. I didn't ask for tickets. I didn't say that I needed to go. But by the end of the week, nine people had sent me emails asking if I still needed tickets - and three of them didn't even expect me to pay anything in return. (More interestingly, none of these people were serial killers, and only one was potentially trying to rape me - you know who you are.) (j/k) (pretty sure none were trying to rape me too I'm a 6'3 dude and therefore not high on many people's rapeable lists). To this day, I am still confused and amazed by all of that generosity, and since the person who ended up giving me a ticket refused to let me give them money, I'm still not sure what I can do to repay you, since my jokes aren't even that funny, and Wrigley tickets were expensive. I started this site last June with little expectation other than having a place for me to write things when I got happy/angry about NU sports. Instead I've found people - more than I ever thought possible - who seem to think that there's any reason to visit my site on a daily basis. Thanks, and I hope that even though I occasionally go a few days without posting, this site is still worth your while, because it's truly nothing without you guys commenting and voting on who has a sillier name.


Thanks, yo.

And go Cats.