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Northwestern to be in Legends Division

Today, I wrote a post about Long Island University, a school situated in Brooklyn, which, although geographically is in Long Island, is in Brooklyn, which people rarely refer to as "Long Island". I wrote this about it:


Less than a few hours after that post went up, there is a new dumbest thing I've ever heard: the Big Ten will be divided into the "Legends" and "Leaders" divisions. I said that any division name that took more than 45 seconds to come up with would be stupid: it is clear that the Big Ten took days, weeks to go through various conference names née motivational poster ideas. I'm surprised it's not the "Synergy" and "Mondays are the Worst!" divisions, and that the new Big Ten logo isn't a picture of a dolphin or something.

On the plus side, it's still the Big Ten, and football will carry on as we know it, even with the stupid names. And the logos aren't bad.

The conference also announced 18 new trophies, two of which are named after former NU players: the Graham-George trophy for Offensive Player of the Year - named after NU great Otto Graham and former NU grad student, but Ohio State running back, Eddie George, and the Butkus-Fitzgerald Award, given to the linebacker of the year, which will be awesome.

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