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Northwestern, 78, American, 62, Post-game thread

Remember that time a Northwestern team was 7-0? If you're a current student probably not, unless you're including tonight, when the basketball team earned its seventh win in seven tries over an American squad that started out feisty but succumbed late to an onslaught from John Shurna (28 points, about 8 of which came on shots that physics do not comprehend) and Juice Thompson (23 points, 4-of-6 from downtown). The Eagles shot about as well as they could - came into the game shooting 32 percent from downtown, but was 6-of-12 at one point from 3, but NU was too much. Props to Luka Mirkovic on the double-double as well.

Only 12 undefeated teams in the nation. And NU will stay that way until at least Monday when they take on St. Francis.

Recap tomorrow - stay toasty and go back to loving America.