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Mount St. Mary's vs. Northwestern Preview/Game Thread

Early, early, early start time today, so, instead of two posts, one post. If you're working, stop on by and we can marvel about Bill Carmody's Christmas tie.

  • Mount St. Mary's sucks at basketball. They're 3-9 with an an overtime victory over Savannah State, and they're on a five-game losing streak. They lost to previous NU opponent American by 5 and future NU opponent Penn State by 4, so, that's how bad they are.
  • Their team name is the Mountaineers. That's really dumb.
  • They've never played NU before. Seriously, Mountaineers? We get it, you're on a mountain and it's called "St. Mary's". They like to call their school "the Mount" which is equally dumb.
  • They won the play in game in the 2008 NCAA tournament. They are still dumb enough to be called the Mountaineers.
  • Do not confuse them with St. Mary's, the school in California to which Kyle Rowley transferred. They are very good at basketball, and are in California, not some mountains in Maryland. Also, Mount St. Mary's does not have a player named Mount Kyle Rowley as much as I hoped they did.
  • Kenpom tells me they are one of the worst shooting teams in the country - 26 percent from deep.

That covers everything you need to know. Now let's just see Bill Carmody's tie.