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Merry Christmas, From Bill Carmody's Festive Tie

I'm Jewish, so, me wishing you a Merry Christmas is pretty irrelevant since I will be spending tomorrow knee-deep in NBA basketball and Chinese food (mainly for the sake of stereotyping).

However, Bill Carmody's festive tie would love to wish you a Merry Christmas.

You see, it spends 363 days of the year locked up inside Bill Carmody's closet, smushed between some Princeton basketball memorabilia, a crate of Malbec, and some musty old playbooks. It's a lonely existence, especially with no other ties to converse, since Carmody generally eschews neckwear.

But for a few days a year, the tie gets to spread its infectious joy, happiness, and Christmas cheer to the world. The tie spends all year with its mental clock ticking down the days, waiting until the morning when Bill opens up his closet, fiddles past all those playbooks and Princeton pennants, and grabs straight for its cotton embroidery. Yesterday was that day, and the tie got to glow with holiday spirit, a holiday spirit he hopes to spread to you.

So, from Bill Carmody's festive tie: have a Merry, Merry Christmas. But remember those less fortunate than you - festive tie is all about that.

Texas Tech coverage begins Sunday, and it will be hot and heavy. Until then, be merry, yo. Thanks for making Sippin' on Purple part of your 2010.