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Illinois is Zooky, Northwestern still going somewhere in Texas

After yesterday's insightful update, a semi-major update on NU's bowl placement. Never mind the fact that Illinois' hilarious loss to Fresno State last night just reinforces the fact that the NU team that got demolished by an Illinois team that lost to Minnesota a week before and Fresno State two weeks later is pretty bad, because the fact that Illinois is now 6-6 - rather than the 7-5 that we assumed they would be after a hypothetical win over Fresno, who always seems to put a kink in Big Ten teams' seasons - makes Northwestern more appealing.

NU is apparently still in the running for the Texas Bowl - that's in Houston, a city where Northwestern is 1-0 on the year, of course - a game which would a) actually be on ESPN and b) be against a better team. It's an outside shot, but, until Illinois' loss, it looked like NU had a 100% or better chance of heading to Dallas to play in the TicketCity Bowl against Texas Tech. Now that's up in the air a bit.