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Tribune: Northwestern to TicketCity Bowl in Dallas

From Teddy Greenstein's Twitter:

Northwestern headed to TicketCity in Dallas (vs. T Tech); Illinois off to Houston (vs. Baylor), Chicago Tribune just learned.

So that pretty much confirms what we've been hearing for the past month. I'll be updating the site all day to reflect what's going on - we'll know where NU is headed within a few hours for sure, but it looks pretty certain already.

UPDATE: He posted about it as well. Sounds pretty locked up.

TicketCity Bowl CEO Tom Starr told the Tribune that things "have fallen into place much like people have anticipated."

Another bowl source took it a step further, saying of NU's bowl status: "Things are wrapped up, to be honest."

No surprises, Radiohead.

MORE UPDATE: Pretty much everyone is saying NU is headed to Dallas - LTP, HTP, WNUR, hide your kids, hide your wife - official announcement will come later and I'll be postin bout it.