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Thursday Random Thoughts and Picks

- I've decided not to post any more about yesterday's disaster, for the sake of my own sanity. I could probably rant for 100 pages (150 if I threw in some profanities), but it's time to move on. So instead, let's talk some recruiting. According to this article, NU is in the mix for a point guard from Las Vegas, who has narrowed his choices down to Northwestern and noted basketball powerhouse Southern Methodist. It's also unclear how much basketball skill he has, given that all I'm seeing about his talents is that he had 6 kickoff return touchdowns for the football team. His team did win a state championship, but it doesn't specify whether that was in football or basketball. So color me unimpressed.

- This has nothing to do with the Big Ten or Northwestern, but I can't resist pointing out that noted weasel Rick "Success is a choice" Pitino, who never saw a hosebeast he wouldn't bend over a restaurant's table, has expressed interest in the New Jersey Nets coaching job. Please let this happen, watching Pitino fail in the NBA for someone other than the Celtics would bring joy to my heart, and yes, I know I have issues.

- My picks have been awful this week, as I'm now on a 4 game losing streak. We'll try to turn it around tonight.

Michigan at Minnesota (-8.5), 6 PM central, ESPN

Michigan appears to have quit on the season, and they are facing a desperate Minnesota team that can't afford a bad loss if they want to make the NCAAs. I continue to be puzzled by Vegas' love of Michigan, as this is 4 points less than Northwestern was getting in the Barn a couple weeks ago, and Michigan is worse than NU. So even though I feel like I'm being suckered in, I'll continue riding the anti-Michigan train.

Pick: Minnesota

Season Records

Overall: 33-28-2
Northwestern games: 13-3