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Big Ten Power Rankings, February 15th

I'm tired and completely mailing in the power rankings this week, but I am contractually obligated to make a power rankings post every Monday, so here goes.

1 (previously 3) Ohio State: This is a very tough choice but I have to move Ohio State up to first given how well they are playing. Blowing out Illinois in Assembly Hall was very impressive.

2 (4) Purdue: With the win at the Breslin Center, I have to move Purdue up past Michigan State. I think you could make a strong case for Purdue first.

3 (1) Wisconsin: After I anointed them the best team in the conference, they promptly stunk it up at home vs Illinois. Their remaining schedule is pretty easy, but that was a costly loss for their Big Ten title hopes.

4 (2) Michigan State: This doesn't feel right, but I don't know who else to put 4th. I may be over-relying on recent results, but the Spartans have definitely looked vulnerable at times.

5 (5) Illinois: Had they beaten Ohio State it would have been tough to deny a spot in the top 3 for Illinois, but they got blown out. Still, they've put themselves in good shape for the tournament, and the drop between 5 and 6 is probably is the biggest drop-off anywhere in conference.

6 (7) Northwestern: Hard to believe I am moving them up after the Iowa game, but Minnesota stunk even worse this week so I didn't really have any choice.

7 (6) Minnesota: You could actually make a case for Michigan here, something that seemed impossible last week. It's now going to take a miracle for Minnesota to make the NCAAs, they really miss Al Nolen at the point.

8 (9) Michigan: A nice win for them at the Barn, as they haven't quit on the season after all.

9 (10) Iowa: Have to move them after winning vs Northwestern and Indiana's struggles.

10 (8) Indiana: This young team has really hit a wall, getting killed by Ohio State and Wisconsin.

11 (11) Penn State: I still can't figure out how they haven't won a Big Ten game yet, I can think of 3 Bill Carmody NU teams that were worse than this bunch and Carmody has never managed a winless Big Ten campaign yet. Looking at the Lions' schedule, 2 of their 3 winnable games are against NU.