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Selection Sunday: Kiddie Edition.

So, today, we'll find out what NU's postseason plans are. It's not the same experience as it should be - SPOILER ALERT: don't watch CBS' selection show at 6 - but still, I'm a little excited.

I laid out a lot of stuff here about where we could potentially end up. Now, the CBI and CIT are already giving out bids - Chicago College Basketball is doing yeoman's work tracking down confirmed biddees to the itty-bitty tournaments - but most likely, we won't hear about a potential NU destination until later tonight. Presumably, NU will hold off until they're absolutely sure that they aren't in the NIT. Now, the NCAA selection is announced at 5, then, the NIT goes to work and pumps out a bracket by 8, and we should be finding out about stuff shortly after then.

Right now, NIT-ology has us as the 13th team out of the NIT, and they last updated a few days ago. I think that's a little conservative - there's no way we're teetering on the brink of CIT-dom, I'm sticking by my statement that we've got a roughly 20 percent shot of NIT-ing it up -  but NU we're a long shot.

I've got a final and a paper due tomorrow, so, other than an hour and a half of playing ball to relieve stress and some time for dinner, I'll be reloading and trying to see what's up all day long. If history is any indicator, it's that somebody will probably let LTP know about what's going down about 20 minutes before anybody else knows, so, keep your eyes peeled over there, and keep checking back over here as I'll tell you what's going down as soon as the internets reveal an answer.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, two of the 55 never-beens made it to the NCAA tournament, most recently the Arkansas-Pine Bluff Golden Lions. Congrats to them - you'll be missed, but really, we're more just sad that we're now officially worse than Arkansas-Pine Bluff. 


Update: 5:05 PM - NU is inviting reporters to watch the NIT selection show on campus and making Carmody and players available for comment afterwards. If that's not saying "HEY, WE HAVE AN NIT BID" I don't know what is. 


Update: 8:15 PM  - Spread Far the Fame reports we're playing URI on the road.