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First Day Out (I'm Back)

I do things the way they supposed to be done: by taking post titles directly from Gucci Mane song titles, except removing the word "bitch", because that's mad unseemly to put in a title, but which I deem relatively seemly if it's just in the regular story, especially when you're quoting Gucci Mane and it therefore isn't even your own words. (You see, I'm a clean-cut individual, future employers. Except for the fact that I just posted a song entitled "I'm Back Bitch", in which Gucci Mane threatens to kill a bunch of people while dealing cocaine on the front of my website.)

SO. If you've been reading this blog since before two and a half months ago, you would know that it is, in fact, techincally my blog. (If you started reading since then, you're here because Loretta8 did a pretty sweet job with basketball coverage. Hey, my name is Rodger. this is my site.)

I told y'all back in November that I'd be peacing out for a few months and letting somebody else cover basketball, because I was writing somewhere else. Which I did.

So, you're probably wondering what that was. One day, a little voice in my head told me this: if there's anything Michael Wilbon did, and you have an opportunity to do it, you probably should do it too. Which is why I spent the last few months covering the men's basketball beat for the Daily Northwestern. I wrote 2-4 articles a week about the team, which is the type of thing which will wreck your GPA, but probably be worth it in the long run.  I haven't been posting on the site about basketball, because the Daily has a sensible "if you're writing for us, you can't write about the exact same thing somewhere else" policy which I was happy to oblige with, so I gladly gave up posting on the site about basketball for the opportunity to do something which virtually every person to previously have done it is employed as a sportswriter, which is kind of saying something. Sorry for abandoning you guys, but luckily Loretta made sure you didn't miss me. 

Anyway, it was a pretty fantastic experience, and one I'm pretty pleased to have been able to take part in. Basically, all the people we've been talking about, and you've been trashing, on the site, I've had the pleasure of talking to on a semi-daily basis.

But now it's over, and I'm done with that, and I'm back here for the long haul. In the prolonged NU sports-less summer months, I'll probably end up writing a lot about the more interesting parts of covering the team.

That being said, the basketball season isn't over - technically - and the reins to the site still belong to Loretta until it's officially over.

And for a little bit past that. But that's a story for another day. Like, tomorrow.