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Handing back the reigns

Well folks, with Rodger returning from Cuba soon, it's time for me to step back into the shadows. As you probably know, Rodger had more pressing priorities during basketball season, and needed someone to fill the role of basketball correspondent. I was happy to do it, and I ended up having way more fun than I expected; it didn't feel like work at all. But now, thankfully, Rodger is returning to continue his fantastic work, hopefully with at least as many readers as he had before his 3 month absence. 

So you won't be seeing me on the front page until next basketball season. Rodger certainly wants to write a ton about NU basketball, and so do I, which on paper could be a problem. But in the immortal words of Marlo Stanfield, "that sound like one of them good problems." Since this is Rodger's site, and since he's a better writer than I am, he'll be the man in charge, but I'm happy to step back from the spotlight and play Scottie Pippen to his Michael Jordan, Flavor Flav to his Chuck D, Fallout Boy to his Radioactive Man, Lisbeth Salander to his Mikael Blomkvist, etc., you guys get the point by now. I'm not sure what exactly my role will be, but it will likely involve gambling, The Wire references, and anti-John Calipari rants.

Before I go, I'd like to thank all the great NU fans who stopped by this site. I'm sure I'm forgetting a few, but to G1000, RotoJeff, macarthur31, pfoley, Chadnudj, firebillcarmody, dsdj, buckyor and everyone else who helped contribute, thanks for making this season so much fun. And of course, thanks most of all to Rodger for giving me access to the front page of this site, which was a bigger gamble than any of my off-the-wall gambling picks this season.

See you guys in November,