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Quick Big Ten pick

Purdue at Penn State (+5.5), 1:30 central, BTN

I wonder if this is the lowest line in NCAA history for a top 10 team playing a last place team this late in the season. I'm guessing no, but given the records you'd guess the line would be at least 10. Of course, the won-loss records don't reflect Robbie Hummel's absence or Penn State's improved play of late, as their near upset at Michigan State made NU's 2 losses to Penn State infinitesimally less humiliating. Despite not getting many points, I am tempted to take Penn State here, but I'm not going to because they got screwed by the schedule makers. They played in East Lansing Thursday night and now have to turn around and play another top 15 team barely 48 hours later hundreds of miles away. Unlucky for them but that's how their season has been going.

Pick: Purdue

Season Record: 42-42-2
Northwestern games: 15-5