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A Weekend of Shattered Dreams


Actually, I had a pretty good weekend. But people I've chosen to randomly support on this blog, not so much.

So, as noted, I decided last week to make a point of following NU's five-time women's lacrosse team on this blog, but my newfound passion was ground into a fine powder by the North Carolina Tar Heels and their crew of female lacrosse playing orphan-stompers. However, I've re-updated the blog's sidebar with a new feature, the "Days Since Last Accident" meter that will count up until Northwestern has another women's lacrosse loss. (YEAH THAT'S RIGHT, CHOO CHOO, ALL ABOARD THE JINX TRAIN, CONDUCTOR, RODGER SHERMAN. DEAL WITH IT, PUNKS!)

The other person who I decided to randomly become fanatically devoted to on the blog last week is freshman quarterback Evan Watkins, who I saw in practice last week, and made me happy and brought warmth to a life that heretofore had been filled with nothing but pain, suffering, and 5'10 quarterbacks that like scrambling for 3-4 yards out of designed pass plays until the cows come home without much of any arm strength.

I didn't go to this week's scrimmage - my b, yo! - so I eagerly awaited word on how Golden Boy Watkins convinced me that he is a 6'6 beacon of light sent by the Northwestern football gods., hit me with the good stuff!

"PASSING: Persa 16-22, 126 yds., 2 TD's, 0 INT; Watkins 10-21, 99 yds, 1 TD, 2 INT's. Team totals: 26-43, 225 yds., 3 TD's, 2 INT's."




Watkins got picked off twice, by two linebackers - Damien Proby and David Arnold - and completed less than half his passes.

Remember this day. Because it's why you shouldn't read my blog. Because I'll occasionally say that redshirt freshman quarterbacks will be the answer to all of Northwestern's questions, when it turns out I'm just a stupid guy with a middling amount of knowledge of the game of football and 1.75 years of a Medill education. I am not to be trusted. (Then again, Tyris Jones was NU's leading rusher, and I'll change my middle name to "Evanwatkinsgroupie" if NU's leading rusher next year is a walk-on linebacker/special teamer randomly turned running back over the summer, and whose scouting report informs us that he is very active with student groups on campus.)

So anyway, my newfound passions have been ended before they had a chance to truly blossom. A wise man once said, "tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all". Well, that dude was a massive freakin tool, and I hate him, and I hope bad things happen to him and only him, because I can think of nothing worse than writing gushing odes to players/teams online, only to have them immediately fail you. Evan Watkins/women's lacrosse team, you broke my heart. And not in a way easily described by Taio Cruz featuring Ludacris.

There's no place for wrist-cutting music on this blog, so here's a really depressing, yet overwhelmingly smooth Boyz II Men song.

Stay tuned for some NFL Drafka coverage later.