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Spring Football Guide

Sorry about the no posts today, I had a bunch of work, but, makin up for it in the next few days out of necessity. (If you're not following my twitter feed yet, do it today. Trust me.) (hint: I'm going to the press conference at Wrigley Field. I'm leaving my dorm room... now.)

So, this post is a quick plug for something else I did: I wrote an article about NU's defensive line and helped work on the Spring Football Guide for the Daily. Sadly, a lot of the awesome graphics we have  - as well as our predictions graphic, which featured a creepy headshot of me as well as my highly accurate picks for next year and bad jokes - aren't  online. If you're on campus, I urge you to go pick up a copy. If you're not, well, read the articles online, and I'll see what I can do with regards to getting the pretty stuff up.

Taking a queue from the first sports blog I ever read, here's the interviews I did for the story. Sorry about the low sound quality/wind blowing 40,000 miles an hour across the artificial turf field where we did the interviews, not much I could do about that. Now go read the article itself.

Pat Fitzgerald

Mike Hankwitz

Vince Browne

Niko Mafuli

All in all, pretty exciting stuff, for those of you who are big fans of hearing me ask the same questions to four different people while I'm really tired on a Saturday morning. The Fitz and Hank ones obviously have a bunch of other people asking questions - at the very least, give the Fitz one a run-through. 


Now go read my actual article, mang!