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Spring Game, yo!

So I'm headed up to cover the spring game pretty soon, and you should be too. (It's free!) I guess you could call this a game thread, but there's no way to watch and comment simultaneously, because Northwestern's football spring game won't start getting televised until the endtimes are nigh, and luckily for us, that just ain't the case right now.

Here's what I'm looking for:


  • My boy Evan Watkins: The man, the myth, the legend will be guiding the B team today. We'll see whether he's the majestic touchdown throwing creature I imagined him to be the first time I saw him play or the regular ol freshman he looked like the next time he played. 
  • Linebackers I've randomly decided are awesome: David Nwabuisi only played spot duty last year, and Stone Pinckney didn't play at all - I've never actually seen him play ever in anything -  but this site is in essence dedicated to the concept of them being dominant, murderous football players beyond all reason or evidence to the contrary.
  • Hype and speculation: I'm definitely going to see a player I've never seen and barely even heard of before and decide that he's the truth. Trust me on this. 
  • Unanswerable questions: So, is our offense really great, or is our defense really bad? Is our defense a dominant force, or can Dan Persa not do anything besides awkwardly scramble every time he drops back to pass? Why do bad things happen to good people? If there was an all-powerful god, could he microwave a plate of nachos so hot that he himself couldn't eat them? Why do I write a Northwestern sports blog? The world will never answer any of these questions.
  • Running back: do we have one?

So, yeah. Hype hype hype. I'll be tweetin like a mofo with updates- like I said, these past two days have been me stepping my game up, follow me,  y'all! - feel free to comment here, though.