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Thurdsay Sips

My Wrigley post will hopefully be tomorrow - I'm waiting on some awesome photos that somebody else took on a camera that belongs to neither of us, so get ready. But for now, let's sip.


  • I've been spreading my pearls of wisdom all over the interwebs, so now I'm unspreading that wisdom by putting it all here. Some dudes from the Houston Texans SBN blog, Battle Red Blog, asked me about Sherrick McManis, and I obliged them, mainly by giving them advice in the nickname column, because every player needs a blog nickname.
  • Also, I was in on Rivalry Esq.'s blogger roundtable with LTP and Hilary. It's really good because it allows you to see how much better other people are than me at this, all on one page, whereas you generally have to flip back and forth to notice the suck. 
  • That post is part of the Rivalry's Northwestern week, which has been dominating since Monday. They had an overall preview, which led into an awkward Iowa-NU battle in the comments - those are always fun, huh? - discussed how we don't have a running game, a unit which I will preemptively nickname the "lack thereof",  and today they discussed our MVP from last year - take a guess. (Hint: it's the only person any non-crazy person would say was our MVP last year.) Tomorrow they have a post on our rivalry - hope you enjoy those awkward Iowa-NU battles that will happen again. 
  • Three NU players were invited to NFL training camps: Zeke Markshausen was invited to the Bears, continuing their awkward team crush on NU, which at this point is starting to creep me out. If the Bears and Northwestern football team were people, I bet the Bears would Facebook stalk Northwestern on a daily basis, but that's besides the point. Andrew Brewer is headed New England way, so I now hate him, and Brendan Smith will be in Redskins camp. Before you get your hopes up, none of these players will make NFL teams: they're not even undrafted free agents who signed priority contracts with their teams, just invitees to training camp. They have about as good a chance ofsticking on in training camp as I do finding a classroom in Tech. (I had a bad experience.)

That's all I got for now - see you tomorrow, snitches!