NU Women's Lacrosse in the NCAA Tournament

After winning their sixth-straight ALC title, the Northwestern Women's Lacrosse team (17-1, ranked #2) has an automatic bid into the 16-team NCAA tournament. Next goal: a sixth-straight NCAA title.

First up, a rematch with That Team in South Bend at Lakeside Field on May 15th.


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Based on what I've absorbed by wandering for a little while, here's how things will look if we manage another strong tournament run, and don't get tripped up early:


Game 1 - Notre Dame

Previous meeting: 'Cats win, 15-5

Game 2 - Winner of {Vanderbilt, Duke}

Previous meeting, Vanderbilt: Regular season, 'Cats win 27-9. ALC tournament, 'Cats win 23-14
Previous meeting, Duke: 'Cats win, 19-14

Game 3 - Likely winner of {North Carolina, Virginia}
(with the slight chance of either Towson or Navy)

Previous meeting, North Carolina: 'Cats lose, 16-18
Previous meeting, Virginia: 'Cats win, 11-8 OT

Game 4 - Winner of {other half of bracket, likely Maryland}

Previous meeting: None this year

Top Four Teams (Rankings)

  • Maryland (#1) is 18-1, having lost only to North Carolina (played twice, split).
  • Northwestern (#2) is 17-1, having lost only to North Carolina.
  • North Carolina (#3) is 15-2, having lost only to Maryland and Virginia (OT).
  • Virginia (#4) is 13-5, having lost to Loyola, Maryland, James Madison, Maryland (again), and Northwestern, but having beaten North Carolina (OT) and lost to Northwestern in OT.

So, there you have it.

Lakeside Field, May 15th, 1pm.

Go 'Cats!