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Wednesday Sips

Before I nap, I post.


  • There's, like, actual news afoot, but let's focus on the important stuff. Spread Far the Fame uncovered this gem of a video, a ten-minute tour de force filmed by Zeke Markshausen and S James Nussbaum, who you probably remember from the time I ranked NU's players from least to most likely to be Jewish. 
  • My faves: his usage of the phrase "cordage", the Northwestern nerd trap, and the fact that even the producer of this video - somebody who probably had access to Markshausen himself - couldn't spell the word "Markshausen" correctly. Really great stuff, all around - thanks, Zeke.
  • With regards to real stuff, this Big Ten expansion stuff is getting everywhere. Adam Rittenberg has been on top of it, so, read his blog - I plan on taking a look at what all this means for NU tomorrow. My favorite articles thus far have been this one and this one. Although the best one is BHGP's take on it, which stole one of the jokes I planned on making in tomorrow's post, so, screw those guys. 
  • We're playing the Ramblin Wrecks from Georgia Tech in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge. As the world's biggest Stephon Marbury fan, and the world's 154th biggest Luke Schenscher fan, I have a soft spot in my heart for GT basketball. This means we'll play at least one average or better basketball team in our out-of-conference slate, which is a step up from last year (Butler didn't pan out at all), and it's a home game, so that means we probably won't play any road out-of-conference road games, seeing as NC State was our only trip last year as part of our plan to singlehandedly wreck our RPI. We've never played Georgia Tech, so, November 30th - mark your calendar.
  • Missed it in Tuition Tuesday, but the men's golf team qualified for NCAA regionals, so, get pumped for that, I guess. 
  • Here's what the Big Ten bowl lineup is. Yeah, eight guaranteed berths, nine potential if a team gets an invite to a BCS game. Suffice it to say, the days of 6-6 and sitting at home are done, even if the Cats go 2-6 in conference with four games against I-AA teams, you're guaranteed to go bowling if you're a 6-6 Big Ten team. Plain and simple. 
  • If you're wondering why teams want to join the Big Ten, well, apparently, the Big Ten Network is making money. A lot of it. In only its second year. Not to mention the profits we have from a variety of other TV contracts. Who knew all those Rotel and Barbasol ads cost so much?

Well, that's a good amount of stuff, so, I hope I never see any of you ever again.