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(Semi)Breaking: Michael Wilbon announced as NU's 2010 Commencement Speaker.

Pardon the interruption, but, it's official. 

I found out about this at 5 PM, but wasn't allowed to tell anybody until midnight, and had other things to do besides posting things to my blog until now. But, yeah, get pumped if you're graduating.

It was supposed to be Christiane Amanpour, who isn't related to sports at all, but she has newsy nonsense to do so she can't make it anymore, meaning NU's most publically visible booster stepped up to the plate to replace her.

Dude's been everywhere around Northwestern recently: he made it to the homecoming football game, was honored at a basketball game, and mentioned fictional NU player Drew Shurna on PTI earlier in the year when we were nationally ranked, and A&O brought him here as a speaker last year. Obviously, I'm a huge fan: I namechecked him in my SBN profile,  although admittedly, I pretty much never watch PTI.

I'd be really excited if I was a senior, sadly, I'm a sophomore, and won't be chilling around for commencement. I'd be disappointed, but I'm convinced that this is just a prelude to NU announcing my 2012 commencement speaker will be every single NU alumnus featured on Around the Horn, including JA Adande. They will hold a panel-like discussion of how we are the future, this is the gateway to our life in the real world, and will summarily be given or docked points by Tony Reali. 

Man, I sure wish I was graduating from college this year, so I could see this speech! 

Oh. Oh, wait, I just remembered: no I don't. I want to start failing classes immediately, so I can stay here as long as possible. Forgot that for a second.