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Tuition.... Saturday? Pair of Cats teams invent the word "rompage"

Well, I got the three-fourths of that article I wrote the other day that can't be misinterpreted as me hating NU teams right the other day,  as NU's women's lax and tennis absolutely reamed their NCAA tournament competition. 

Women's Lacrosse had No. 14 Notre Dame in the first round, and, well, what do you think happened? They won 19-7, behind five goals from Katrina Dowd.

For the first time in my life, I witnessed part of a Northwestern women's lacrosse game. My friend (from Penn - he wants to put a gentleman's wager on the women's lacrosse national championship, at which point I pointed out that gentlemen rarely bet on women's lacrosse) is in town, and we decided to give him a walk around campus, incliuding the scenic view of the lakefill area, which happened to take us past Lakeside Field and the women's lacrosse game. When we got to the area of the field, the score was 12-4, NU. When we had gotten past the field into the SPAC parking lot, the score was 15-4 NU. Our friend knows the fight song by now. That's the goal-scoring potential of this squad. Three goals in the time it takes to walk about three city blocks.

We walked on the lake side of the field, which took us right past the team's benches, giving my friend who goes here the ability to attempt to console Notre Dame's team on the loss in the middle of the action. (I think he was being sarcastic.) We also said hi to Jim Phillips, although it was really less of a hi and more of a my friend yelling "JIM" and when he looked over yelling "GO CATS" and then continuing walking.

NU plays the winner of Vanderbilt/Duke next Saturday.


The women's tennis team was just as disturbingly efficient in their victories, beating Miami (Ohio) (THE REDhAAAAAAAAWWWKKKSKSSSSSSSSKSKSKSS) (reverse capitalization alert) (this isn't part of the school's name anymore but you might think it is considering part of the school's name is a parenthetical aside) 4-0, on Friday then coming back  today and beating Nebraska 4-0. NU didn't even drop a set against MIami, although they did against Nebraska, which shows they're getting weak. The Cats advance to play MIami... (FL) in the round of 16, tying a world record for most teams named "Miami" played in a collegiate tournament ,although they could break their own record if they meet Miami-Dade Community College in the semis. Don't call it a walkover for the Cats - Miami (GUESS TO WHICH ONE I AM REFERRING) also won both games in sweeps, beating Boston University (sorry, this dude!) and South Florida 4-0 as well. They'll play on Thursday.