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Thursday Sips

I have a blog? Damn. 

  • SFTF went in on their latest post about Northwestern baseball. I know nothing about the minor NU sports I write about, so to read something written by someone who actually knows/cares about the baseball team was good. Great stuff. 
  • Scout has an absolute BANGER of an article about NU alum Daryl Morey. 2000 words or so about the link between the GM of the Rockets and Northwestern. I remember he got honored at an NU home game, and just being like "word, Daryl Morey went to NU?" Glad somebody finally looked into it as hardcore as it was meant to be looked into. 
  • This is funny. By the way, that suggested scenario - with ND and Texas playing seven conference games instead of eight - is pretty damn awful, don't you think?
  • Remember when I wrote this? What I was trying to say is, there couldn't really be anything in the world better than Nelly coming for Dillo Day. And, in case you ain't heard, NELLY IS COMING FOR DILLO DAY. 
  • NELLY.
  • I can't properly express my joy in word form. OH WHATS THAT I CAN EMBED A YOUTUBE VIDEO OF THE SONG "AIR FORCE ONES" HOLY CRAP

  •  Last year I didn't last until the night headliner, but this year, I'll do everything I can in my power to make sure I make it to the Lakefill for arguably my favorite member of the St Lunatics. I'm a sucker for corn rows, ain't never changed that. (I'm just kidding like Jason.)
I might have a tuition tuesday update a bit later, so get pumped, if you like reading about losses.