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Thursday Sips

I'm bored. Deal with it.


  • I'm slowly becoming obsessed with NU's first-place baseball team, even though I haven't been to any of their games or seen any of their games. It's been great times for our football-playing multitaskers - Arby Fields hit three homers over the weekend, putting him in the team lead with five on the season, although it's unclear whether he's a starting running back, but that's a story for another season. And defensive end/everybody's second favorite Williams brother, Quentin Williams, was the pitcher of record yesterday against Chicago, picking up his first career win after pitching two scoreless. The team won both their games this week, beating Valparaiso 10-7 in a game Paul Sneider hit a go-ahead grand slam and also got the save.
  • You clearly already saw this, but the post-spring ball depth charts are out, thanks to LTP. I wasn't particularly surprised by anything on there, probably because I saw the three-deep at the spring game, but here's what's sorta surprising: Brian Mulroe beating out Keegan Grant at right guard, and Bryce McNaul OR Ben Johnson as a starter at OLB - I assumed Johnson had that locked down. The rest is pretty copy-pasted from what you'd expect knowing all the players on the team thus far in their careers.
  • Rittenberg, with some Rittenbangers: Here's his spring ball summary for NU, and here's an article about our linebackers.
  • NBA Street Vol. 2 is the greatest game ever invented. I thought you guys would like to know that.
  • If you look on the left, it says our next game is against Vanderbilt, and I completely plan on roadtripping. (There's not much better in the world than the college football road trip.) Vanderbilt is in Nashville, a place that sadly, isn't too lovely right now. Dirk Hoag, SBNation's Nashville Predators blogger, whipped up this widget so that people could donate money to the relief efforts, so, let's help that city get spick and span by the time we roll through.
  • Please help with Nashville flood relief!




I really didn't have much, but I tricked you into reading it. Who wins? Nobody.