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Thursday Apocalyptic Sips


The NU sports world is going nutso, and it's happening exactly when I have the least attention to pay to things. Let's just rock some thoughts.


  • If you haven't heard, you're either deaf, or you've been listening to heavy metal music for the past 48 hours at high volume: it truly, actually, literally appears as if the Nebraska Cornhuskers will join the Big Ten. This feels weird, but it seems like it's what's right for the conference. I'll go all in on this if and when it's officially officially official - this is just such a prolonged, on-again, off-again process - and it makes sense considering the millions of dollars at stake - I wouldn't be surprised if this isn't even the official officialness. 
  • That being said, let's focus on the least relevant parts of this: LTP stole my thunder on this, but with another school called "NU" in the conference, we can kiss goodbye to the concept of ever being called NU by anyone who doesn't attend the school again. People already call us "NW" most of the time. Nebraska's official abbreviation is UNL - University of Nebraska-Lincoln - but the colloquialism is "NU". We can keep calling ourselves whatever we want - I propose we change our name to the Fightin Steven Seagal in Under Sieges - but that doesn't mean people will call us that. NU will forever be our term, but, we might have to relinquish hope anybody realizes it.
  • Congrats to those young Chicago Blackhawks kids, winners of the Stanley Cup. (Check out Second City Hockey or for that matter, SB Nation Chicago for more.) All those images of people around the Chicago area going crazy got me thinking: what would it take for you to feel that happy about Northwestern sports? As sad as it is, my immediate thought was "getting a bid to a 64-team NCAA tournament". Maybe a bowl game win. I'd like to hear what you think, though.
  • LTP also broke news that somebody messed up the Wrigley game. Although an 11 AM start wasn't optimal, I was willing to take it for nationwide coverage. But the game has been moved to 2:30, and put on ESPNU. I can think of few things worse than our game being on ESPNU, namely, the game being moved to ESPNGB (ESPN: Guantanamo Bay. 24 hours of a day of live sports action, analysis, as well as live waterboarding action and analysis) and ESPNFDoH (ESPN: Fiery Depths of Hell. Essentially the same thing as ESPNGB, but instead of waterboarding, it's FIREBOARDING), but other than that, not much. 

Anybody wanna tell me how to do statistics?