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Happy Father's Day, from Sippin' on Purple/Tyrell Sutton

Sorry it's late, but, much respect to all the dads out there reading this.

At first I wasn't sure if/what I was going to post for father's day. I mean, obviously, it's important that you go out and say nice stuff to your dad today, but, it's not necessarily great Then, I took a look at twitter, and saw Tyrell Sutton was spitting more knowledge than any person could humanly hope to have spit at them ever. Deep thoughts, from an ex-NU running back, about the true meaning of parenthood:

A father is jus a sperm donor. Takes real men to be a dad. Shout out to all the men who takin responsibility for they 3 minutes of bliss lol

via TwitBird iPhone

It's a damn shame to c the timeline shouting out all the WOMEN for playin mom n dad. SMDH

If u man enuff to run up n a girl u betta be man enuff to take care of wht pop out

To all those dads who r takin care of their kids and / or others, good job.

To all the real dads: u kno this day is just another day for u. U take of ur kid(s) bc it's wht ur supposed to do, not for the recognition.

They say a woman cant teach a boy how to be a man. Way to prove em wrong momma! Tht goes for all the moms who did wht they said yall couldnt

I kno today is bash ur father day but if y'all took care of y'all responsibilities then this wouldn't be happenin now would it??

@KoKoBagginz I mean I'm not takin shots at nobody in particular. I jus kno how some dads r thts all wit a bit of experience

Wasn't tryna drop knowledge or nothin like tht. Jus wht was on my mind. If I offended u, too bad lol

It's a lot easier to have a running back say sappy things about parenthood on your blog than it is to say it yourself, so, thanks, Tyrell. Not everybody is man enough to take on the responsibility of fatherhood, and today's a day to be thankful/get thanked. Right, Tyrell?

Is there a reason y some gays feel the need to be flamboyantly gay? We get it, ur gay. No need to overdo it (I have no problem wit gays FYI)

via TwitBird iPhone

Right. (I'm not creepy enough to get into the world of following current NU athletes on twitter... I feel Tyrell is fair game. Keep tweetin, Tyrell. This post might seem mocking in tone, but, nah, son, we truly do appreciate you speaking your mind and giving us insight into being an NFL player.) (At least until the gay part.)

(Also, Tyrell posted his Words with Friends handle, which leads me to think I should challenge him to Words with Friends, even though I stopped playing that game way at the beginning of last quarter, but leads to the next question of whether or not you think I could beat Tyrell Sutton in Words with Friends.)