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Finding the Jinxer

So, NU's women's lacrosse team lost 13-11 in the national championship game after being up 6-0. First off, I need all y'all to read this thing I wrote in the Daily a while back: basically, my point was, regardless of whether they won the NCAA's, we need to acknowledge how impressive a team this is, and you shouldn't be disappointed in them if they do lose. They did, so y'all best not be disappointed.

Anyway, five-time national champions don't just lose: something happens that causes them to lose. Something outside of their control. 

Hilary thought it was her, after publishing a (really good) article on the Rivalry Esq. the day of the championship about how fantastic a dynasty the team was. Good guess, close, but not quite.

I found the jinxer, so, hit the jump to find out who it was.

Obviously, it's me. I jinxed the women's lacrosse team. I did so, so, many things that were karmaically destined to cause the NU women's lacrosse team to lose.

Let's look at all the evidence, so we can determine which was the one thing that actually pushed Maryland over the top. 

A) The Loss countup on the sidebar: After NU lost to North Carolina, I installed a running countup on the side of the blog, saying "No accidents in past..." and then how long it was. I had hoped this would last years, wasn't an ourtrageous thing to say after they went undefeated the year before, sadly, I had to remove it from the blog a few days ago after only 43 days of existence.

B) The posts supporting other teams thing: Somewhere along the line, during football season, we realized that NU had a habit of only winning games I predicted they'd lose. I took that to the next level after realizing only mentioning teams would cause them to fail, so I put up my WOOO NORTH CAROLINA and WOOOOO MARYLAND threads. The NC one worked, but it was hubris - HUBRIS! - to expect to pull it off twice. You don't invoke the name of Maryland great Sarunas Jasikivicius and expect to live.

C) Me in the comments section: When NU took a 6-0 lead, I started to have fun in the game thread with what looked like it would be a romp.

its like the basketball game threads, if only one team scored the entire game and none of us knew anything about the sport

does the ncaa enforce naked laps?

i think they have to in national championship games

(after a Maryland goal) 

i'm proud of them

its cute that they’re trying

Most likely, some devout reader of the blog affiliated with MD women's lax read these comments to the team in real time, inspiring them to tie the game up at 8 by halftime, and coast to the lead.


So, that's my spiel. I accept full responsibility and blame for the loss. If you'd like to disrespect me via name-calling, rotten fruit-throwing, fresh kicks-scuffing, or diss track, feel free. It will be cathartic for everybody.