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Kyle Rowley to Saint Mary's

Via FBC, we get the news that Kyle Rowley's destination appears to be Saint Mary's College, the tiny California school that has developed into somewhat of a West Coast Conference powerhouse over the past few years with talent like Patty Mills and Omar Samhan

Not a bad fit for Kyle - decent program, and Kyle has never shown difficulty being able to play well against tinier opposition. The problem is, the Big Ten has a lot of not tinier opposition, and the reason Omar Samhan is a household name isn't because of his ability to dominate the WCC, but because of his ability to dominate against schools like Villanova. Rowley will immediately become the only player taller than 6-foot-9 on the Gael's roster.

And most importantly for Kyle, he'll get to sit out a year due to NCAA transfer regulations, which will give him what he needs more than anything else: time to practice and learn how to use his size in a practical way on a basketball court.

So, goodnight, sweet Kyle Rowley. Evanston's average height will be slightly shorter without you, although, we around Evanston will probably feel slightly taller without you around, because you are very tall. Best of luck with the Gaels.

(And yes, Kyle will get the "Sayin' Goodbye Like Tevin Campbell" treatment later on.