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Eric Chun has a Cut to Make

Somewhere - Scotland, I think - Eric Chun be golfing. He has a 1-under after the first round, which puts him in a major tie for 61st place along with a lot of other people. There are about 140 golfers, so he's pretty much smack-dab in the middle, and will need to fight for his right to party through Saturday and Sunday. Even when he finds out his round score for today, we probably won't know his fate until the end of the day, when the top half of golfers get to move on and the bottom half all try to get money back from their travel agents for booking them for the entire four-day tournament. 

Personally, although a 1-under is nothing to be ashamed of, I blame the British Open people for intentionally trying to sabotage Northwestern's own by putting Chun in a threesome with an Iowa Hawkeyes fan. That's a low blow. Luckily, from what I heard, Zach Johnson fumbled the ball four times and tore his ACL during the round, so, we won't have to worry about him ruining our Open Championship experience ever again.


Also happening today, in a time zone far, far, away, Alex Marcotullio's British invasion continues, as the Great Britain U20 team takes on Austria. 

I'll try to keep abreast of what's goin on in these ongoing events in the comments section - see you there. More substantial posts next week as the countdown to football season dips under 50.