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Vegas' Thoughts on NU


There are no random NCAA Football Odds up for you to bet on, but it is that time of the year when futures odds begin emerging from the depths of the online sportsbook universe for people to speculate on.

Currently, I can't find any lines for NU's over/under on expected wins - last years, some places had us at 6, and if you were smart, you put money on that as soon as you saw it. (One of those places also had the Illini at 8. I'll take the under, please, make that a parlay.) Tell me if you find any of these for NU, although there are many for other schools on the market - NU often gets shafted with these things.

However, you can feast your eyes on Northwestern's odds to win the BCS National Championship and the Big Ten Championship. +15000 and +2000, if you're wondering. (NOTE! BECAUSE I'M STUPID, and my low-level gambling addiction died this past March when I stopped betting on sports for a week when I was in Cuba and never picked it up when I got back, I totally forgot the way gambling worked, and for a second thought that +15000 meant 15000/1 odds. It means that if you pay $100 dollars, you get $15000 back.)

The odds of the Big Ten are pretty stacked against NU - Ohio State is the odds-on favorite, and Penn State/Iowa/Wisconsin will definitely be better than NU. +2000? It's probably a little bit favorable to NU fans: Northwestern will likely be better than Michigan or Michigan State (both +1200) and Illinois (also +2000) - but I still don't want to take that bet.


And as far as the BCS National Championship goes, they have us tied with Baylor, Rutgers, Illinois, and Houston at +15000. We're better than all those schools. That being said, literally any amount of money you bet on Northwestern to win the BCS National Championship is literally the same as taking that money, cutting it into little tiny strips, and using it to make papier maché art, although at the end, you won't have a papier maché art piece. 


That being said, I expect us to win the BCS National Championship. Go Cats!