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Where I Come From: an Introduction

So, here's what's going down this week.

Next Tuesday, EA Sports is releasing NCAA Football 2011. (It's the game where you can play as Northwestern, a team that plays at Ryan Field, featuring a junior quarterback from Pennsylvania who is short and fast named QB No. 7 and, for contractual reasons, any resemblance between him and any people, real or fictional, is purely coincidental.)

In an effort to promote the game, the fine people at EA will be sponsoring a series of posts across the SB Nation College network. 

Now, I'm no sell-out. If EA Sports had given me money to write about posts describing how great a game NCAA Football 2011 is, I wouldn't have taken it*. But that's not what these posts will be. In fact, I don't even own an XBox 360 or PS3. I couldn't buy this game if I wanted too. (although my life would certainly be much less enriched without having played games from the NCAA Football series, especially 2009, on other people's consoles. They're pretty awesome, especially dynasty mode.) (Dear EA Sports: I only take cash.)

The series is called "Where I Come From", and it's going to ask me to describe just that. Why I'm a Northwestern fan, what makes being an NU fan great, why we put up with all the ridicule, mockery, and failed bids at NCAA tournaments. I feel like it's going to be a great opportunity not just for me to be a huge corporate shill and bring in some of that sweet blogging cash monies, (although, YES, THAT'S HAPPENING, WATCH OUT WORLD), but also an opportunity for us to learn about each other. NU, more than any other school, brings together a lot of people from different scenarios, and I feel like that's true of our fans too. So although my posts are going to be me talking about my fandom, there's a comments section, and I expect you fools to use it so we can get a little bit more familiar.

The first post will be showing up on this site in a few hours, and I'd like to see y'all contribute in the comments section. So be there.


* - completely not true. I'm broke, son. EA Sports, send me an email at if you want this.