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Monday Sips

First off, I'd like to announce that I'm skipping my junior and senior seasons of blogging at Northwestern to play college basketball. Other than that, let's hit the sips.


  • It's Big Ten Media Day! That's... not really that exciting, to be honest. Anyway, I'll be watching all day and tweeting up a storm (@sippinonpurple!). Coach Pat Fitzgerald will be on at 10:15 central. I feel bad for whichever poor NU staffer had to wake the coach from his July month-long slumber, which allow him to stay up 22 hours a day through football season so that he can coach eight hours a day and spend 14 hours a day banging his head through brick walls and yelling.
  • I bet somebody was expecting me to way in on Northwestern's big play into the Chicago marketing field last Friday. I try to be something of like a go-to source here... but... well... LTP and Spread Far the Fame did a good job with it already, and, well, dammit, I like writing about sports, not marketing campaigns. Maybe it's because I'm a student who already goes to games for free. But I dunno, I've just been on a roll writing about football and basketball, and for some reason this makes a post about a potential program-altering marketing campaign less appealing to than writing about Northwestern's offensive line. I know a lot of you gave good responses to the analytic posts - hope I'm giving you dudes what you want. 
  • The Kevin Coble thing is now a dead horse, but for any of you that didn't see, somebody launched a Fake Kevin Coble twitter feed on Thursday, and it's magic.
  • WHOA. Stephen Strasburg is on the DL?! Kid, if I could give you one piece of'd be quit while you're ahead.
  • Dude, I don't care about winning. RT @sippinonpurple and @fakekevincoble wins. by a lot
  • Northwestern recruiting: representing, and bringing in one of the best classes of all time. I hope we get Justice Hayes, because his name is Justice.
  • It's not often that someone I know becomes an internet sensation, so when it happens, I'll post about it. This is my boy Brandon, with his song "The Birds and the Beedrills", a track which features the names of 151 Pokemon characters used as sexual innuendo. 
  • That's pretty much it. Enjoy your media days. Or something like that.